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What began in 1984 as one man’s vision is changing the world … one person at a time.

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Student Spotlight

Ben Amor

The founder of Terra-Genesis, Ben Amor attained his American Dream by envisioning what he wanted and taking massive action in the direction of his success.
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Do you struggle to make ends meet or feel you aren’t living up to your potential? Terra-Genesis is a new direction — a key you can use to open doors to new resources and opportunities. The first step is to take our quick quiz.

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Spotlight Success

Student Spotlight

Brooke Luevana

Like most young ladies, I had a vision of an idealistic future, which included getting married, and having a family. I had always been a hopeless romantic. I grew up watching Disney fairytales and I dreamed that a prince on a white horse would sweep me off my feet and that we would live happily ever after. My first marriage taught me a very harsh lesson on reality…
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The team at Terra-Genesis stands ready to help you dig deep, find out what you are looking for in life and then help you get there. It starts with you!