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Welcome! Engaging Families to become Self-Empowered!
Founded in 1994 as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization Save Families provides families with comprehensive resources available to them within their communities and financial guidance to lead them to financial stability and the self-empowerment training services.

1. Self-Empowerment Training (SEP210)

2. Self-Empowerment Club

About the Founder

A Native of Tunisia, North Africa, born in 1946, I grew up taking care of sheep and other animals in a small city called Bou-Ficha. In 1968, I came to the United States studying to be a radio technician and an Electronics Instructor for airplanes. In 1975, I came back to San Antonio, Texas to live and work and started several non-profit agencies to help others achieve their dreams…
My strong desire to not only achieve the American Dream, but to help others achieve it. This is my motivation to give up a great job and invest all my savings to develop an agency that will empower individuals. It does take something from each of us; A passion, persistence, and the desire to fulfill that dream.

Board of Directors

Roy Salone, Chair / Treasurer – Kris Keller, Secretary
Directors at Large:
Marsha G. Bays, Board Member – Peggy L. Stradley, Board Member
Jennifer Cerna, Board member – Jennifer Gillaspia, Board member
Executive Director: Ben Amor
If you are needing services:
Please call Mr. Ben Amor at 210-342-8576 or go to www.Bthebest.org

If you are an Agency that wants to provide the SEP training to your clients and staff, please email us at aaa@tgtx.org

Get Involved
Take the Self-assessment and take part of the training
Refer People who are looking for our services and want to be better
Provide a Donation to help us help others.

Contact Us
Ben Amor, Executive Director
Email: aaa@tgtx.org