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Our Founder

Ben Amor

Ben Amor

Tunisian-born Ben Amor recently chronicled his life story in "The Urban Shepherd," a motivational biography bringing Ben from a hard-scrabble childhood to make his own reality and success in life — a story we can all emulate.

And since 1984, Ben has been inspiring others with his story. He is your guide in taking that first step ... then another. In grabbing that next rung to climb out of a difficult situation. Click the link below to hear the whole story:

Read “The Urban Shepherd”

Mission and Values.

Empowering individuals to empower themselves.

To provide individuals and families access to resources and information that helps them to be self-sustaining and have financial stability.

• Community
• Individual Engagement
• Empowerment

• Community Resources Database
• Digital Resources on USB
• Kiosk Locations
• Self-Empowerment Program

Board Members

Roy Salone, chair
Dr. Randolph Glickman, Vice-chair
Harry Geyer, member at large
Nancy Sheppard
Gloria Miranda
Kris Keller, member (Bingo)
Marsha Bays, member (Bingo)
Peggy Broughton, member (Bingo)
Jennifer Cerna, member (Bingo)
Jennifer Gillaspia, member (Bingo)

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