Consulting Services

Welcome, we are glad that we can help you help others…

Many non-profits have a need to not only provide services that meet their mission but also to be financially stable. Here at Terra-Genesis Inc. we empower individuals and agencies to be the Best!

Just as you want your clients to be self-empowered and self-motivated we want you to be the same. By developing alternative means of funding and creating an environment of self-responsibility and self-reliance, you can have everyone working towards the same goal within your agency.

TGI provides guidance and support to nonprofits that are start-ups and small with less than $500,000 in total budget.

TGI provides professional resources include but not limited to:

• Board development – Why do you need it? Does your board support you and the mission and How?

• Infrastructure analyses – What is the environment within the agency? Does it flow? Is it productive? Do you have means to be efficient?

• IT – It’s not just about a website or emails. In today’s world technology can expedite services and funding. Find out how?

• Fund development – Let me ask you a silly question. Do you need more money? Most agencies go year to year asking (if not begging). We provide Grant writing services.

• Social enterprises – This is a new way to develop ongoing sources of income.

• Staff development – Most agencies don’t really pay attention to who they hire and how they train or empower their staff to believe in their mission. This can be a source of heartaches and many challenges or it can provide the motion needed to move your agency forward with ease…

• Other – If you need guidance and/or direction to help you grow your organization, call us or email us to set up a meeting to discuss your needs and wishes.