Our Founder

Ben Amor

Tunisian-born Ben Amor recently chronicled his life story in “The Urban Shepherd,” a motivational biography bringing Ben from a hardscrabble childhood to make his own reality and success in life — a story we can all emulate.

And since 1984, Ben has been inspiring others with his story. He is your guide in taking that first step … then another. In grabbing that next rung to climb out of a difficult situation.

He started several non-profit organizations to achieve his dream. One night he woke up from a dream he was having where children were crying and he decided to do something about it. He quit his job and invested all his money into these non-profit agencies.

The name Terra-Genesis means “New land with a new beginning”, “Nueva Tierra con un Nuevo principio”, “Nouvelle Terre avec un nouveau depart”, “الأراضي الجديدة مع بداية جديدة”

To learn from Ben’s experience, read his autobiography
“The Urban Shepherd.”